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Restaurants are some of the most profitable and frequently visited businesses in the country, food is a staple for everyone. Generally speaking, if you go to any repeatable fast food establishment around lunch or dinner time, it’s going to be packed with people and cars in the drive through. At least 1 in 4 American’s is eating fast food daily, so we can assume that at least half eat it at some point through the week. Food is just one of those things you need to live. You CAN go a long time without eating but eventually it will kill you. The average person is going to want to eat every few hours to keep their energy levels full through the day. Food is one of the most important fuels for your body, it’s vital to keep that fuel clean and coming in regularly. Restaurants are there to help keep you fed and happy when you can’t get or make your own food!

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wings are exactly what they claim to be. CRISPY without deep frying, using one special ingredient you have in your kitchen pantry! |

Buffalo Wings

In theory food is nothing more than nutrition and sustenance, but in reality it is a conversation starter, something to bond over, an experience to be shared. If it were there just to keep us going, we’d eat nothing more than the exact vitamins and minerals that we need. But we eat food partially for the satisfaction of it, we try to eat flavors that we like and foods we are comfortable with. Food is so celebrated and popular now that we even have national holidays for all kinds of foods, from pizza to pasta and chicken wings. Since 1977 chicken wing day has been a thing. It’s amazing how all of the cultures that have come to this country have contributed some of their food to the culture. The types of food we have here are incredibly diverse. Fast food establishments are some of the most common businesses you’ll find, for instance they have 42,998 Subway locations JUST in America.

For a lot of people, your every day or on-the-go eating habits are going to be more focused on your flavor preferences than health or nutrition. And that’s okay. Just about any big type of food that you may want is going to be fairly easily accessible. Food is what we use to bring us together, it gives us common ground to start on and brings people together. Regardless of what type of food you want, chances are good that you will have to drive no longer than an hour to get it. It’s amazing how diverse this country is. It’s fantastic how it’s turned food into what it is today.

Fried Chicken Wings

They go by many different names – buffalo wings, chicken wings – but whatever you call them they’re the same delicious popular “wings” that you’ve always known and loved. Generally speaking, buffalo wings are going to have spicier rubs or sauces on them, while chicken wings tend to just be breaded and fried as they are. The term “buffalo” is actually now tied to most things that are spicy, like a buffalo chicken sandwich or something similar. Wings are one of the favorite foods in America, it’s a safe bet that most normal restaurants you visit will have them on the menu. And if you want great wings at an affordable price, be sure to try Chicken Wings Clayton!